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E-Learning: Confined Space Attendant - SOG

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Confined Space Attendants, also referred to as confined space guards, monitor safety when someone is working in a tight, confined, non-ventilated area with only one exit, such as a tank or a tower. This is quite common in the chemical and petrochemical industries, or in shipbuilding. And it is therefore also extremely useful if a fire marshal has the skills and knowledge to act as a Confined Space Attendant.

About the course
In the BWH Academy E-Learning training course for Working as a manhole observer/outside observer, participants are taught about safety protocols and work permits. And they do practical exercises by simulating a real-life situation. This one-day course day consists of a theoretical and a practical part, dealing with the following topics:


  • Clearing the location, isolation, degassing, ventilation
  • Measures to prevent ignition
  • Checking the atmosphere
  • Organisational supervision and possible rescue activities
  • Structural requirements and confined spaces, manholes
  • PPE, hygiene and respiratory equipment
  • Working with walkie-talkies (communicating)

Practical training:

  • Training by means of simulation in a confined space, including a manhole
  • Working with walkie-talkies (communicating)

The course provides you with the theoretical background and practical skills to be able to carry out a manhole check safely, responsibly, and in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Duration of the training course
This is a one-day course that consists of a theoretical and a practical part and that ends with theoretical and practical examinations.

Objective of the training course

The course teaches students to make sure that activities in confined, non-ventilated spaces can be carried out safely. Manhole observers ensure safety by guarding the entrance and exit of the space alertly and attentively, monitoring the air supply, and complying with the safety rules. In case of emergencies, manhole observers know how to act in order to get their colleagues to safety.

We advise all our fire marshals to obtain this certificate in order to ensure their own, and their colleagues’, safety at all times.

Admission requirements

In order to apply, you need to have have the VCA-basis certificate. We strongly advise to obtain the VCA-vol certificate.

Certificate The one-day course is taught in accordance with the Dutch SSVV Opleidingengids (SOG) education catalogue. The certificate, which students receive immediately after passing their theoretical and practical examinations, also complies with the SOG requirements and is valid for three years. A one-day refresher course is required every three years.

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