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A fire marshal needed quickly
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Carefree service provision

Serena de Boer, Regio Control's QA Manager, was surprised by how quickly Brandwacht Huren responded to her request. “A customer asked me for an industrial fire marshal. I started looking late in the evening. It took less than three full minutes for Bas Stoop to respond that he could help me out. And the right professional reported to my customer the next morning.”

All-round security provider

Regio Control is a security company that has its own certified incident control room. Regio Control's customers require a wide range of security and safety solutions. “We don't tell our customers that something isn’t possible,” said Ms De Boer.

A fire marshal needed quickly

When a customer asked for an industrial fire marshal, Serena De Boer started looking. “The customer needed the fire marshal as quickly as the next morning.” But where can you find the right professional at such short notice? Not just anyone who is available, but someone of a high quality standard?

Ordered late at night, on site early in the morning

“I looked online and I emailed Brandwacht Huren at 8.22 p.m. They replied at 8.25 p.m.” And the fire marshal was on site, at the customer's, the next morning. “We agreed on a fee that all parties could live with: we, Brandwacht Huren, and the customer.”

Carefree service provision

“The advantage of working with Brandwacht Huren is that I don’t have any concerns about anything. They always deliver. They're fast and they ensure a high-quality service. Many of my customers need a fire marshal or an HSE assistant. I now provide them as an extra service.”

Always on site within 2 hours

The fire marshals of Brandwacht Huren can be on site within two hours - always. Anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. Any applications are followed up on immediately. Brandwacht Huren has hundreds of professionals at its disposal through a nationwide network and always tries to find the right solutions for its customers. This professionalism is reflected in the service.

Quick, professional and authentic

“It's clear that Brandwacht Huren really wants to know the ins and outs of their market,” says Ms De Boer. “They're committed to continuous improvement and they're very innovative. I've never had to let my customers down since I started working with Brandwacht Huren. I outsource all my fire safety related questions to Brandwacht Huren. A fast, professional and authentic party that I can recommend to anyone. A partnership with a silver lining.”

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