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When is a fire marshal a mandatory requirement?
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How much do fire marshals earn?

It is hard to give a general indication of a fire marshal's salary. In any case, the salary depends on whether the fire marshal is employed by a company or by the municipal authorities (the ‘regular’ Fire Service).

There can be differences between the salaries of fire marshals working for municipalities, depending on the municipality that employs them; this also applies to any extra salary for specialities and bonuses for working irregular hours.

How much do fire marshals who are not self-employed earn?

  • Starting salary with no experience approximately € 1,900 gross a month.
  • The average monthly salary is approximately € 2,200 gross.
  • Fire marshals with more than ten years of experience will have a salary of approximately € 2,500 gross a month.

Some fire marshals decide to start for themselves, as self-employed professionals. Their income depends on how many assignments they get.

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