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When is a fire marshal a mandatory requirement?
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How can you become a fire marshal?

In order to become a fire marshal, you need to have completed the relevant fire marshal training. You must have knowledge of how to prevent and fight fires.

There is a government-accredited training course for fire marshals taught by several specialist education providers in the Netherlands. This training course can be completed within a couple of days and once you have the diploma you are a fully qualified fire marshal. This diploma is separate from a first aid diploma. A first aid diploma is not necessary for fire marshals, but it is considered to be a major advantage. If you want to become a 'head fire marshal' you will need to successfully complete an extra training course.

The Brandwacht Huren Academy

Brandwacht Huren offers several different training courses and study programmes. They consist of theoretical and practical parts and examinations. You will be taught by the best professionals and tested by an independent examination board. This is your guarantee that your certificate will really be worth something. This is also our clients’ assurance that when they hire you they are hiring a properly educated professional. Brandwacht Huren is an accredited provider of Dutch VCA (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) training courses.

Our website features a list of the range of courses we offer.

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