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When is a fire marshal a mandatory requirement?
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Why do I need an accredited/recognised certificate?

A diploma or certificate is required for all kinds of work. For example, all fire marshals and safety guards must at least have a B-VCA certificate. If you do not have this, or if you have bought a certificate, and you carry out work for which this certificate is required, you are committing a punishable offence. It is crucial that you know what to do if an emergency occurs so that you will be able to take action.

Make sure you have the right certificates

It is important that the people who work for Brandwacht Huren have the appropriate and correct certificates for the different types of work they do. If you do not have sound knowledge and the proper skills, this can be a real problem/issue for the people around you who rely on your help or who depend on you.

Assuring quality

For instance, a fire marshal who has completed a training course on ‘small fire extinguishing equipment’ will be able to use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket much more safely, responsibly and effectively. If you have obtained the certificate for 'working as an outside observer’, we can have you work as such. Note: It is a punishable offence if you work without having the proper qualifications or if your qualifications are not valid.

The BWH Academy for accredited training courses

The BWH Academy enables everyone who aspires to becoming a fire marshal to obtain the appropriate certificates. The BWH Academy carries the VCA quality mark to confirm that we are an accredited education institution and that we hire an independent examination board to conduct the examinations. This means that people and businesses can rest assured that anyone who has obtained their certificate from the BWH Academy will be sufficiently competent.

Guarantee of competence and quality

This also means that the BWH Academy does not have its own staff conduct the exams. External examiners do this. We separate the training course from the exams to warrant full independence and guarantee that any personnel who have taken our training courses are high-quality safety professionals.

Registering for an accredited training course

It is important that you can show that you have obtained your certificates and diplomas at an accredited institution. Register with the BWH Academy and make sure you obtain an accredited SOG certificate (SSVV).

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