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Brandwacht Huren: Your Fire Safety Expert
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Brandwacht Huren: Hosting your Safety

We set a bus on fire last year. That’s right! Arson was committed under our supervision in a rural area near the Dutch town of Ridderkerk. This caused a lot of smoke to be released. Had we gone crazy? Were we betraying our mission and our core business? No way. We were there to make sure that the fire would be set safely.

Flikken Rotterdam

A bus was to be set on fire on a set where the Flikken Rotterdam TV series was being recorded. Of course the fire control room staff in question knew about this scene being filmed, but several local residents called to report the clouds of smoke they had seen. Thankfully we could quickly reassure them. We were there to put out the controlled fire.

Brandwacht Huren: Your Fire Safety Expert

Blowing up a BMW

Brandwacht Huren gladly lends itself to such jobs. Having the opportunity to contribute to a TV or film production is always a bit special. Lots of people actually enjoy a bit of rowdy fun. For example, we were once hired for a scene in which a BMW was blown up.

Brandwacht Huren: Your Fire Safety Expert

Human fire alarm system

Great jobs, but we don't shy away from more serious assignments either. If fire safety at a location is at stake, government bodies, environmental authorities, or safety regions often call on us. For instance if a building site does not meet permit requirements. We then assure fire safety. An example of when this may be necessary is when a fire alarm system or a sprinkler system is down due to maintenance or a failure. Customers then call on our fire professionals. We monitor fire safety for them so as to ensure the continuity of any specific work that is being carried out or of their overall business operations. Actually, we then take over the role of the fire alarm system.

Hospitals and hotels

If we are not on site, no one is allowed to access the building or the location. This can have severe consequences for the service provision or financial situation of the organisation that uses the premises. Just imagine, what might happen if fire safety in a hospital or hotel cannot be guaranteed. We offer a solution then.

Petrochemical Industry

But we are also active in industry, including the petrochemical industry. Our fire marshals can be deployed there for several reasons, including supervising occupational health and safety during plant shutdowns – for example if production has been halted temporarily for maintenance work. They make sure that the people who carry out the maintenance work can do so absolutely safely. Manhole observers, also known as outside observers or manhole guards, keep an eye on safety when people are working in confined spaces. Gas measurement specialists check the air for any hazardous substances that have been emitted and safety experts check that work permits satisfy the safety requirements. If everyone returns home safely after a day's work then we have accomplished our mission.

Better safe than sorry

In keeping with the saying “better safe than sorry”, we also offer prevention services to our customers. Many of our personnel have a lot of specific experience and have a keen eye for potentially unsafe situations. We advise our customers about this, so that they can take the appropriate measures.

Signalling, coordinating and assisting

If a fire does start, or if there is another emergency, we take action. Our personnel are highly trained firefighters who are on site to provide first aid, evacuate the area, and call the Fire Service and any other emergency services, and also help them fight the emergency.

Safety hosts

Our approach goes beyond what our competitors offer. For instance, we specifically look for technological innovations that will enable us to provide a better quality and faster deployment. We also find it important that our people represent the organisation where they are working in a positive way. This means that we also set great store by their skills as hosts. Our personnel wear company clothing, always look presentable, and have good communication skills. This contributes to our professional and reliable image. In the end, that's what Brandwacht Huren is all about: hosting your safety.

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